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Our cloud based software collates actionable intelligence to deliver a decisive and well informed care solution while obliterating needless costs, time and burden on care providers. Our e-health solution fosters patient engagement in their own decisions.

Our Centralized & Online POLST registry enables care providers like Paramedics, Skilled Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Hospices, Home Health Centres and State Registry stakeholders to digitize their patient POLST and access across electronic devices anywhere.

We provide an easy, secure solution to handling effective communication that addresses a patient's choice of treatment from one care setting to another.

Our ePOLST registry enables Patients to keep their POLST electronically & facilitates easy interface to their provider for creating and retrieving their Patient’s POLST electronically. We also enable users to upload existing POLST via- scan, email and fax.

About ePOLST

Our POLST solution enables smooth execution of end of life care directives of the terminally ill.

POLST is an approach to improving end-of-life care in the United States, encouraging providers to speak with patients and create specific medical orders to be honored by health care workers during a medical crisis.

POLST stands for Physician's Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment. In some states, it is called by a different name such as POST, MOLST, MOST, etc. In this context, all such forms are referred to as POLST. The POLST is generally a one page, two-sided uniquely identifiable form.

Our Services

Our interoperable e-solution eases the end of life care process for patients by empowering them to take a more proactive role in their health decisions. The solution provides easy to understand clarity to care providers in emotionally delicate situations. Changes can be made instantaneously and signed by a provider electronically.


Our Centralized & Online POLST registry enables Patients to keep their POLST electronically and facilitates easy interface to providers.


Enables users to scan and upload existing paper POLST and also allow uploading multiple forms directly into system interface.


Designed to offer access to authorized EMRs across the continuum of care to facilitate patients’ life-sustaining treatment.


Offers secured HL7 and FHIR APIs to connect with EMR Systems and other state registries to allow them bidirectional POLST data exchange.


Maintains historical versions of POLST forms and Patient/ Provider signed POLST versions in chronological order to simplify life-sustaining treatment.


Supports bidirectional exchange of POLST data via secured email and fax.

Key Features

Our software provides a centralized registry of updated patient POLST form that can be electronically submitted, stored or retrieved anytime.


Our system is FHIR/HL7 compilant to integrate with HIE and any other EMR system. It simplifies sharing and interpreting POLST form across the healthcare ecosystem.

Scan & OCR

Existing paper POLST can be scanned indexed and uploaded seamlessly into repective registry.

Online & Offline

An offline POLST application offers more flexibility to users, especially if there is intermittent internet connectivity. It operates in both online and offline modes.


The accessibility of HIPPA compilant e-sign facility is an added benefit. It thus leads to greater ease in electronics POLST registry.

Market Penetration

It easily integrates with EHR/HIE systems to enable access, coordination and retrieval of POLST anytime, anywhere, on any device via real time alerts by patients and care providers alike so that a precise and better informed care can be delivered. Even existing POLST can be uploaded via scan, email or fax.

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Our software provides a centralized registry of updated patient POLST form that can be electronically submitted, stored or retrieved anytime.

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